Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kind Of Blue (but looking up...)

Returning from a recent trip to Seattle, or more specifically east of Seattle in the beautiful city of Bellevue. Lots of great modern glass architecture there that looks particularly nice in the fading blue light of dusk. These are three perspectives of one the ubiquitous Microsoft offices in town (the main campus is down the road in Redmond). Hope they don't mind this is being posted from a Mac.

Another highlight of the local Bellevue scene are the shops of The Bravern. A beautiful, high end open-air retail complex that is also home to some fine restaurants and big-cash condos. Conveniently across from my hotel! The architecture was apparently Italian inspired. It actually wasn't long before a security guard came by and asked (politely) what I was up to - apparently you need permission to shoot in there. I already had a few in the can so wasn't too concerned. This I like because of the color and shape contrasts. A perfect example (along with the windows above) where high-ISO noise averaging really saves the day - crank it up to get a sharp shot, and then overlay the images and (with some extra voodoo) you get essentially a perfectly clean but fully detailed file.