Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shooting Spree in Downtown Toronto Part Deux

While in the self-proclaimed Center of the Universe I turned my "gun" to some other scenes that caught my eye. No shortage of things to photograph in such a concentrated area. Towering skyscrapers set against an evening sky, all steel and glass.

The stunning "arch"-itecture of BC Place, like a big rib cage...

Passing by what may have been someone's "home"...

This tree growing in the middle of the concrete jungle caught my eye. Immediately adjacent to Starbucks no less.

Flyer bags, soon to cracked open and hawked to passers by. Kindof like Vegas, but much different - uhm - content.

A gothic alcove inside Union Station...

...just down from a less-than-gothic pair of payphones.

And some local animalia as well. It is a zoo down there, afterall.

Shooting Spree in Downtown Toronto

I was in downtown Toronto this week and went out to shoot a bunch of people. They didn't know what hit them as they were standing around minding their own business. I shot people who had just gotten their morning juice...

...and those who were simply passing the time at work.

I went after people simply making their way home at the end of the day.

Heading to Union Station to shoot some more I worried I'd be taken out by security.

Fortunately I made it without any issues from The Law. Downtown Toronto is definitely a dangerous place.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still At the Rink

A busy weekend with games both yesterday and today. Along with some additions to my expanding At the Rink series.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Trip in the Books

Back from a short run to Toronto. On last day without pulling out my camera I felt compelled to grab at least something. These early morning shadows streaming into the hotel lobby on my way out caught my eye. Challenge was trying to position myself to catch that diffraction star without burning a hole through my head. Couldn't quite get it but I still managed a pretty graphic result.

End of day, off to the airport. Usual ritual of sitting, waiting, looking with camera at the ready. Feeling like I have a gun in my hand as everybody seems to wonder what I'm doing; just trying catch a moment, folks, I'm not staking the airport for an assault. Saw this guy passing the time and needed some inconspicuous maneuvering to try and frame his profile in the "notch".

Liftoff. I'm sitting in one of those odd exit row seats where I'm in the middle with someone on my right but nothing on the left. So where a seat should be I see the guy's feet from the row behind. Advantage is that I can jostle around and shoot through the windows. A little while after takeoff I get a hard jolt of sun streaming through. Look up from my movie (The American, good but slooooowwww) and see these fantastic colors through the scarred and frosted window. Another crack at getting that diffraction star for a graphic, sparse presentation. Hopefully I don't hear from Nike's legal team.

Taking advantage of that waning light I jam my lens against the window and frame another abstract. This view of the world has unfortunately become a bit too common over the past while as I rack up the travel points.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Off to the WAG

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is a unique piece of architecture. This granite monolith was created in 1912 and is a tight wedge at the corner of Portage and Memorial. It's a wild looking building, particularly from above. I've never taken the opportunity to explore it with my camera, but just happened to be equipped today as it played host to my daughter's birthday. Here's a quick from-the-hip perspective, but it's a stunning construction that really deserves more time.

On the Job

Been slow on the photo front lately. And my schedule on a recent trip to Toronto didn't help matters. While waiting for my return flight, camera in hand looking for opportunities, I took a stab with the image below. The texture and the contrast between the neon jacket and the otherwise monotone environment appeal to me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

At the Rink 2011

Another addition to my ongoing At the Rink series...

Winter Chill

First post of the new year. Two-thousand and eleven - hard to believe it's here already. As sure as death and taxes the weather in these parts dips well below T-shirt and shorts temperatures around the end of December. Which isn't great for a fair weather photographer such as myself. Something I need to change, but for the time being this is a start.

The upside of shooting during the winter months is that the sun gets low and the light starts to rule pretty early in the afternoon. On our way home from the arena I noticed some nice backlight and color contrast opportunities, all available at the very civilized hour of 4:15PM. I wish I was of the same mental fortitude as landscape savants such as David Noton but, alas, I am not.

From here I had a quick 2-minute drive back home to warm up. Sorry, David.