Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shooting Spree in Downtown Toronto Part Deux

While in the self-proclaimed Center of the Universe I turned my "gun" to some other scenes that caught my eye. No shortage of things to photograph in such a concentrated area. Towering skyscrapers set against an evening sky, all steel and glass.

The stunning "arch"-itecture of BC Place, like a big rib cage...

Passing by what may have been someone's "home"...

This tree growing in the middle of the concrete jungle caught my eye. Immediately adjacent to Starbucks no less.

Flyer bags, soon to cracked open and hawked to passers by. Kindof like Vegas, but much different - uhm - content.

A gothic alcove inside Union Station...

...just down from a less-than-gothic pair of payphones.

And some local animalia as well. It is a zoo down there, afterall.

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  1. I'm really liking the style you are developing. It comes through in the "Rink" shots and here as well, especially with the people images. Too many great shots here to comment on them all before I'm off to do chores, but LOVE the shot of the tree. The tones are excellent.