Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Best Camera... the one you have with you.

That being an iPhone.

This was a striking alleyway entrance to a bar that immediately caught my eye.  The shapes and texture were all really cool.  Carrying around an $X,XXX DSLR camera and lens all the time?  Not practical.  But a cel phone with a decent (all things considered) camera certainly takes a better picture than nothing at all. 

Captured and processed in camera using a couple of apps.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Quick trip out to Vancouver this week.  Quick but busy.  During short time there had little time to shoot.  It was a letdown fairly early as I realized during my early flight that I should have opted for a window seat.  The sunrise kissing the peaks of the Rocky Mountains below was beautiful.  Alas, all I could do was lean over my sleeping neighbour as much as I dared to illustrate the point...

Was muttering "sonuva" for a good period of time after that.  Return did have me in a window seat, but day's end and the light nowhere near as interesting.  Still had to take advantage of the position, though...

Other random shots in town, starting with a beautifully lit courtyard at the hotel.  Love touching down at Christmas time.  Very comforting to have the lights and decorations around.

Unfortunately, Vancouver = Rain this time of year (at least while we were there, was apparently sunny the days prior and forecasted following).  Wet was of course a familiar theme...

That was a tricky one as I cuddled The Best Cappuccino in Vancouver in one hand.  Puddle would have mixed with tears of pain had I dropped that.

On a brighter note, this big blank wall at the airport.  All graphic and such is sure to catch my eye.

Such a great city, despite the rain.  

The Bag

So this is how it happens. A piece of luggage falls off a tram at the airport in Vancouver. One of the workers kindly moves it off the road to the side.

And then several others, including another luggage tram as I write this - simply walk past it with looks of mild curiosity. Sorry, fellow passenger, no bag for you tonight.

Photo from iPhone - hence the poor quality.

PS. Somebody did eventually pick it up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Urban Christmas

Not all warm and fuzzy, but looks cool. Hope Santa doesn't smash through the glass.

Drive By

In beautiful Vancouver. Always great to look out and see the mountains and the sky. Even if while stuck in traffic. Taken with my trusty iPhone.