Monday, July 9, 2012

Cool Blue

Three days in to the annual lake sojourn and I was finally compelled to grab the rig and shoot. I'm disappointed that I am currently unable to think of something original so at best this is a variation on past themes.

Had a friend's son in tow as he's getting into photography. Above all else was a lesson in patience as this was a 4-minute exposure which came as a surprise to him.

Was cool to have someone so young have the interest. Fitting that this frame is rendered cool as well.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Travelog I: Seattle

June was fairly busy for travel and I did manage to get out and shoot.  And all of that has been languishing on my hard drive since.  Little time to do anything with them.  Starting to peck at it and it appears I'm moving in reverse.  Starting with my most recent trip to beautiful Seattle.  Always enjoy it there.  These were taken during gaps in company meetings.  No rhyme, or reason, or structure.  As usual whatever caught my eye while getting some fresh air.

There was some interesting architecture...

Some interesting people...

Of note with that last one is this was taken at Monorail Espresso downtown.  A fixture among the coffee-mad Seattle community.  It's literally a hole-in-the-wall, walk up service only.  But their espresso is amazing, as is their legendary "Chubby" cookie.  Aptly named.

Some things that have absolutely no relevance but looked cool through my lens...

The view from my room was typical urban jungle, but looking across Union Square (at least that what I think it is, according to Google Maps) one morning the sun slicing through and selectively highlighting the scene was worth a shot.  Or rather several, waiting for the flag to catch a breeze.

And while cool enough it was nice to "trade-up" my view from a mid-level room downtown up to the top of the Space Needle one evening...

This is looking west over the Puget Sound across to the Olympics.  The structure in silhouette at the bottom (I learned afterwards, again via Google Maps) is a shipping station.

And finally, from the peak of the Needle to the grounds below...

The Experience Music Project is a mind-bending structure that could keep a photographer busy for days.  Offers a unique blend of psychedelic visuals.  This would be an amazing place to set up with a heavy ND filter.  Which I brought on this trip but never actually used.

Next up...  Vancouver.