Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Ottawa.  Catching some air and looking for inspiration.  Unfortunately all I worked was a memorial of war.  The tomb of The Unknown Soldier.

Need to find something bright and lively tomorrow.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Riding Musically

I barely remember how to create a post it's been so long and so erratic.  Still have a backlog of lake and travel shots to process, print, and share.  Anyone interested in dropping a big bag of money at my feet to allow the time for such things?  

Dreams aside we had the opportunity to take in the RCMP Musical Ride last weekend.  It's a pretty cool display of synchronization, timing, and precision.  Difficult to shoot from a fixed position as it moves pretty quick.

Below is a small gallery of images.  Why black & white?  For starters, everyone else saw color; this offers a more distinct look.  Secondly, it gave me more liberties in processing to bring out tones and textures that would like like an acid trip if left in color.  Third, they make for a more unified set in this format.  I just rolled off my last print of this series and they look quite nice together.  I may revisit some of these au naturale in the future but for right now I like them Chromatically Challenged.

Tip for anyone attending this (or similar) event - stay upwind.