Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fire & Ice

In between periods shooting at the rink yesterday this caught my eye.  Cold winter afternoon in only a moderately warmer rural arena.  Metal door frosted up.  And a nice "in case of fire" pull right beside it. If that thing actually started a fire I would have been very tempted.  Regardless, I liked the contrast and irony.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Watching & Waiting

I find it miraculous how quickly time blows past.  Take for instance the fact that my last blog update was "way back" on November 19th and I've done sweet FA since.  Lots of photos taken, but I haven't had the energy or motivation or time or some combination of each to actively post.  Mired in "what to do".

So it would seem appropriate to come back with this gentleman.  Time is clearly an element here.  He has seen lots of it.  Not necessarily that much left (certainly more behind him than in front).  Comfortable enough to sit and relax and let it continue to pass.  And in this case soon to be in complete control of it as he is the assigned Timekeeper for the pending hockey game at the local arena.  He's waiting for the current practice to end before he assumes his post.

Timekeeper waits for his shift to begin for the night's hockey game.

Wouldn't mind controlling the master clock myself.