Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Batch From Bellevue

Back from a week staying in the great city of Bellevue, WA. Very little time to get out and shoot. The Lamborghini Gallardo from the previous post was certainly a highlight. With some spare time one evening I took in some of the local architecture - lots of glass and steel.

This one makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright. It's nothing more than a modern office-plex shot on its side. But has a FLW kind of feel:

A couple more scenes caught my eye as the sun got lower in the sky starting with this trio of receding buildings, overlapped and compressed...

In addition to all the steel and glass Bellevue has an abundance of greenery as is to be expected in the Pacific Northwest. The organic and inorganic are always butting up against each other...

There is a WHACK of glass in that town! In contrast, I noticed this garbage can against a monolith of concrete. Nothing overly exciting, but I took a gamble that it might look interesting with another HDR treatment and converted to black and white.

There's actually not much grit at all in Bellevue. Helluva nice place.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There are some certainties in life... Death. Taxes. And seeing an amazing street machine parked in front of my hotel-of-choice in beautiful Bellevue, Washington. Take this latest example that stopped me in my tracks this evening...

Money can't buy happiness my a$$. I can guarantee you wouldn't be able to wipe the smile off the face of whoever owns this piece of art.