Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Dash of Color

Change of pace following the B&W set from Montreal...

I Have Mono

Enjoyed my time in Montreal this week, and fortunately during time between conference sessions I was able to get out and shoot. This series deserved a monochrome treatment. From the street to the sky...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

Adjacent to our hotel is a funky indoor mall: the Centre de Commerce Mondial. And inside that, incredibly, rests a piece of the Berlin Wall. It is one of many sections that have been distributed around the world (found there is a list of sites here). It's really quite amazing to see and touch such a significant piece of human history, etched by decades of pain and suffering.

There are some more uplifting sights in the mall as well.

Look Up!

Thanks to a noisy pidgeon up above that caught my attention.

Grit In the Alleys of Montreal

Great light, great texture to be found in an alley adjacent to the hotel.

Different vibe, but I love the sole overhead lamp above this alley door...

Graphic Images From Montreal

In beautiful Montreal this week for a conference, and with some open time went for my usual wander. Went all graphic stylin' with lines galore this time around.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Taste of Halifax: The Street

There is an overwhelming volume of things to shoot in downtown Halifax. Went for wander to see what I could, well, see. Hard light right outside my hotel first caught my eye...

Hard light. Hard lines. A view from above later in the morning proved fruitful, turning a plain 'ol stop sign into a strong graphic element...

Doors and graffiti, for whatever reason, continue to interest me. Found an alcove along Barrington that offered both...

From graffiti to what appears to be a commissioned mural. Low, warm light was trucking down this street. Got the camera up just in time to catch this old guy making the hard ascent up the hill. Fortuitous as I had seen him earlier and wanted to capture him somehow.

Colorful. Seems to be a good descriptor of the city and the people here. So I guess the following from a local street merchant is somewhat relevant...

Finally, another trip up towards the Citadel. Actually got there after closing, but the hill top and rising moon seemed interesting. And the approach was lit from the setting sun bouncing off an opposing office tower. Convenient.

A Taste of Halifax: Architecture

Back from another trip to Halifax. Strange that after several months since my last I end up with two jaunts back-to-back. Made some time to go out and shoot, starting with a morning trek to the Halifax Citadel. Actually, didn't make it to the Citadel as the clock tower just outside caught my eye. Challenge on this trip was I only equipped myself with a 50mm prime (75mm equivalent) so tighter details were the order of the day.

Fortunately a seagull was cooperative enough to pass by and add some additional interest.

During a break in meetings the following morning I was stopped in my tracks while passing by St. Paul's Anglican Church. It's an odd sight to see a building simultaneously back lit and front lit. I'm still not entirely sure where the front reflection was coming from.

Finished off the trip with a walk around downtown at the conclusion of our sessions. The last of this trio is an HDR capture looking down Barrington Street - amazing clouds!

Glad I had the chance on Thursday for these, as Friday's weather was brutal.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stop Being So Negative!

Taking another foray into negative space. Sitting on the plane, waiting to depart and watching passengers shuffle their way in for a flight that is already late. To take my mind off my frustrations I peer out the window and see a great dusky sky. What to stick in front of it? A plane - what else?

Nature Calls

Last day in Halifax and caught some nice natural surroundings. This is Frog Pond. A very picturesque little cove made moreso by the colours of fall. Quiet and still...

And these little guys seemed to be enjoying the early morning sun as well.

Took another crack at my Crooked Tree, this time with a different rendering.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Halifax

Halifax is a great town. Even better when the weather is good, as it was today. Pristine blue skies all around. Started the day seeing this oddball, crooked tree lit up by the morning sun. Not many options for composition as it was otherwise surrounded by other trees and buildings, so opted for gratuitous negative space...

And in my continuing fascination with glass buildings and reflections captured this early evening.

Fortunately, blue sky isn't the only thing that Halifax has to offer...

The Triangle is a cool pub and is a terrific place to unwind at the end of the day. One of many, many, many such watering holes that grace the streets of downtown.

Like I said: Halifax is a great town.

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