Monday, April 29, 2013


Two-thousand, two-hundred and ninety-two.

The number of photographs I sifted through yesterday following our return from beautiful Costa Rica.  Less than I expected, more than is probably reasonable.  Without the concern for developing film I don't need to worry about a cost-per-click other than incremental time spent editing.  Doesn't mean I shouldn't exercise more discipline - will have to figure that out when I inevitably "upgrade" to a newer, higher megapixel camera.  There are lots of brackets and "safety shots" in that pile, and a quarter of them have since been flushed.

That said I ended up with a bunch of shots I'm pretty happy with and will be occupying my time with post-vacay photobook creation, printing, and blogging.  Take for example this from an early morning venture onto Playa Tamarindo.  And by "venture" I mean "walk outside our hotel door onto beach".

Stay tuned.