Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Missed Opportunity

While biking through a local gravel pit slash marsh a few weeks ago I came across this rocky outcropping. At the time the water was still high and fully surrounded the rocks. It immediately struck me as a good opportunity to capture that S-curve leading out to the reeds. With a long exposure the water would become a silky, milky blanket.

Damn perfect summer weather did away with that idea!

Headed out this evening to scratch this one off my list and arrived to see... mud. Muck. Yech. My stones were still there, of course, but now losing their strength in the composition. Made due with what I had and shot a few frames to line things up.

The final black and white is still mildly interesting. Had to employ some heavy burning to the area surrounding the rocks so they jump out. But frustrating to picture how much better it would have been would I have gotten on my horse earlier. Lesson: don't plan to come back for a shot. Get it while you can.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Around the Block

Took a stroll this evening around the block with the D700 over my shoulder just in case. A few grabs below...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Playing around with HDR while following a tutorial. Needed some fodder (ie. a series of bracketed images with a full range of brightness captured) and found myself browsing images from Kelowna, BC from a couple years back. Great trip, great town, great scenery, great wine. Few nice shots to show for it that haven't seen the light of day. Add 'em to the pile.

Here's my "lesson material" of sunset over Lake Okanagan.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

It's amazing what you find when you least expect it. Turns out there is a substantial sunflower field not 5 minutes from my house. Bit of a playground, but still waiting for the right weather.


It dawned on me recently that I've done squat on my blog since vacation. Which stands to reason as I've been woefully unproductive with my camera. A rut, slump, funk, who knows. Whatever the reason I haven't been as active as I should be. Time to pull myself out.

And so I find myself heading into a favorite wine store that is wonderfully designed in a style Italian. Stopped myself, grabbed the D700 (which I purposefully took just in case) and got to the business of exposing.

I know it's just a wall. And a door that's blended into it. And a hinge. But the color was rich, as was the texture. Whatever floats your boat.

A glance above and I see the windows. Another keeper, with the added benefit of contrasting cool/warm colors and stronger graphic elements.

So what if it's just a wall.