Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Taste of Halifax: Architecture

Back from another trip to Halifax. Strange that after several months since my last I end up with two jaunts back-to-back. Made some time to go out and shoot, starting with a morning trek to the Halifax Citadel. Actually, didn't make it to the Citadel as the clock tower just outside caught my eye. Challenge on this trip was I only equipped myself with a 50mm prime (75mm equivalent) so tighter details were the order of the day.

Fortunately a seagull was cooperative enough to pass by and add some additional interest.

During a break in meetings the following morning I was stopped in my tracks while passing by St. Paul's Anglican Church. It's an odd sight to see a building simultaneously back lit and front lit. I'm still not entirely sure where the front reflection was coming from.

Finished off the trip with a walk around downtown at the conclusion of our sessions. The last of this trio is an HDR capture looking down Barrington Street - amazing clouds!

Glad I had the chance on Thursday for these, as Friday's weather was brutal.

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