Thursday, December 8, 2011


Quick trip out to Vancouver this week.  Quick but busy.  During short time there had little time to shoot.  It was a letdown fairly early as I realized during my early flight that I should have opted for a window seat.  The sunrise kissing the peaks of the Rocky Mountains below was beautiful.  Alas, all I could do was lean over my sleeping neighbour as much as I dared to illustrate the point...

Was muttering "sonuva" for a good period of time after that.  Return did have me in a window seat, but day's end and the light nowhere near as interesting.  Still had to take advantage of the position, though...

Other random shots in town, starting with a beautifully lit courtyard at the hotel.  Love touching down at Christmas time.  Very comforting to have the lights and decorations around.

Unfortunately, Vancouver = Rain this time of year (at least while we were there, was apparently sunny the days prior and forecasted following).  Wet was of course a familiar theme...

That was a tricky one as I cuddled The Best Cappuccino in Vancouver in one hand.  Puddle would have mixed with tears of pain had I dropped that.

On a brighter note, this big blank wall at the airport.  All graphic and such is sure to catch my eye.

Such a great city, despite the rain.  

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