Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Trip in the Books

Back from a short run to Toronto. On last day without pulling out my camera I felt compelled to grab at least something. These early morning shadows streaming into the hotel lobby on my way out caught my eye. Challenge was trying to position myself to catch that diffraction star without burning a hole through my head. Couldn't quite get it but I still managed a pretty graphic result.

End of day, off to the airport. Usual ritual of sitting, waiting, looking with camera at the ready. Feeling like I have a gun in my hand as everybody seems to wonder what I'm doing; just trying catch a moment, folks, I'm not staking the airport for an assault. Saw this guy passing the time and needed some inconspicuous maneuvering to try and frame his profile in the "notch".

Liftoff. I'm sitting in one of those odd exit row seats where I'm in the middle with someone on my right but nothing on the left. So where a seat should be I see the guy's feet from the row behind. Advantage is that I can jostle around and shoot through the windows. A little while after takeoff I get a hard jolt of sun streaming through. Look up from my movie (The American, good but slooooowwww) and see these fantastic colors through the scarred and frosted window. Another crack at getting that diffraction star for a graphic, sparse presentation. Hopefully I don't hear from Nike's legal team.

Taking advantage of that waning light I jam my lens against the window and frame another abstract. This view of the world has unfortunately become a bit too common over the past while as I rack up the travel points.

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