Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Sunset Bridge by Jay Mitch
Sunset Bridge, a photo by Jay Mitch on Flickr.

This was captured at the Perimeter Highway, with the Red River cresting and flood waters moving extremely fast towards the north. It didn't turn out as I was hoping as there were few clouds in the sky, but I like the color nevertheless. A 10-stop ND filter slowed the exposure down to 51 seconds, resulting in silky smooth waters and some movement in the clouds.

I tried another approach last month, at that point opting for a black and white rendition. It offers a very different feel, but you can still get a feel for the water's momentum.

Flood Rising by Jay Mitch
Flood Rising, a photo by Jay Mitch on Flickr.

I took another shot at this site last year. Much different composition - the original plan was something like above, but these crazy clouds caught my attention. It was only afterwards that I noticed the figure-like shape at the bottom of the clouds.

Angel in the Sky by Jay Mitch
Angel in the Sky, a photo by Jay Mitch on Flickr.

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