Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Run, Forest!

There is a beautiful path that runs the perimeter of the lake. Great for walking, running, and shooting. Took a bit of a different turn with these one morning. Starting with this backlit Whatever Flower. Don't know what it is, but it really popped with that sun streaming in from behind. Unfortunately I couldn't get the well-defined diffraction star in the background.

Just off the path was this fallen tree surrounded by dappled light. Thought it was a nice contrast against the lush green of the forest floor. Originally envisioned black and white but couldn't make it work so in color it stays.

A little bit up is the remnants of an old stone path, now fallen into disuse. The nature of the scene demanded a high-dynamic range series.

The path back down to the path...

...and back out along the lake. This last one was always intended as black and white.

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