Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crack 'o Dawn

Up again early this morning. Looked outside and was hopeful as the sky was full of broken cloud that I expected to make for a great sunrise. Unfortunately, by the time I made it out to the pier heavy cloud had rolled in. So much for great light. That said, those clouds made for some good black & white fodder.

They look a lot nastier than they actually were. Was actually pretty calm out and comfortable out there. Another started life as color, but when processed was either too flat to be interesting, or pulled too much color to look natural. My original inclination on this was B&W as well so I stuck with it.

Figured I would take advantage of the even light for a detail/fine art type effort...

Feeling the need for some color left me with these. In the first, the buoys offered interesting contrast to the rest of the scene. In the second, a variation on a theme but with a long exposure to draw out the clouds (would have better to have them blowing into rather than across the frame).

Will see what the rest of our final week brings.

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