Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tick Tock

Time flies. Incredibly, we're already at the last full day of our two weeks at the lake. So what better way to show the passage of time than with another hit of long exposure?

While biking around the area I noticed this information hut at the shore. Winds were (and still are) heavy, blowing thick cloud and white caps onto the beach. I had been waiting for these kinds of conditions and came back shortly afterwards with gear in tow. These exposures are each just north of two minutes long thanks to a stack of neutral density filtration (2-stops from a polarizer to define the clouds, another 10-stops from the Lee Big Stopper, and three more from a second Lee ND).

What I'm now trying to figure out is which composition I prefer. For now I'll stick with three variations on a theme while I enjoy the last of our time here.

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