Sunday, March 6, 2011


Reviewing images from travel last week. A couple of them popped out at me. Both dark. Both a little odd. Both very heavy in their black and white treatments.

The first, strangely enough, is a hallway facing a bank of windows in my hotel. Walking past and the early evening sun hammering in against the wall struck me. Stood there for a minute then turned around to grab my camera from my room. Extremely high contrast - here's where knowing a thing or two about how cameras think comes in handy. ;-) All I wanted were the highlights and set up my shot accordingly, knowing this was going to be the end result.

Just columns of light. That's all I wanted.

A couple days later. New room. New view. This time overlooking the Detroit River from Caesar's Hotel in Windsor, Ontario. Morning light bounced off of the spectacular GM Renaissance Place (more to come of that) into the water, while on the near shore broken ice was making its way downstream.

Light, dark. Frozen, thawed. Warm, cold. All contrasts, with a conversion to match.

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