Tuesday, March 8, 2011


During a previous trip to Toronto (well, Mississauga... but it sounds better saying "Toronto") I drove past these really cool condos being constructed near Square One mall.

Kicking myself that I didn't have my camera with me (fat lot of good it was doing me back at the hotel) I made a mental note to come back and play. Had some time this evening to do just that. With all those lines and curves there are plenty of options but I knew I wanted to grab some abstract details.

Dr. Seuss, anyone?

ADDENDUM: The good folks at Design.org picked up this series of photos on their blog.


  1. Great shots. Also love the one of the guy by the pay phones.

  2. haven't been back home ('sauga) in so long, i've missed the construction of these buildings.

    hope i can make it back in the summer to photograph them myself.

    good stuff!