Thursday, February 2, 2012

Arena Madness

New month.  New post.  New blog design.

Poking around the Blogger interface and realized they've tuned up the back office a lot, with many more options for how this thing looks.  Played around with it and spruced the place up a bit.


Actually, Blogger did such a good job that it's somewhat mitigating my desire to get my standalone blog up and running.  Will have to see.

As for the pics I had shot this last weekend for a couple of reasons.  First, for use in a compositing experiment.  Second, because it sports such cool (literally - really cold arena) architecture.  I had taken an iPad photo of it some time ago but it deserves better treatment.  So here's the community arena in quaint Oakbank, Manitoba...

This is a high-dynamic range capture and is clearly heavily processed.  Hey, I'm not a photojournalist.  Who says I have to be bound by reality?

But I like the look, and it got me thinking (unfortunately late in the year) that this could make for an interesting collection: The Arena.  So during our next game I jammed my lens against the glass before anyone came out, while the ice was still freshly Zambonie'd, and produced this from the Stonewall Arena from a 5-shot bracket...

Doesn't have the flair of Oakbank, but has its own steely vibe going on.  So now with the twilight of the season upon me I think I'll need to make a concerted effort to grow this collection.

Stay tuned.

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