Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walls of Stone

A couple of weekends ago we were embroiled in a hard hitting ringette tournament out of town in quaint Stonewall, Manitoba.  So named because they have much stone.  And walls.

Two aspects of that weekend stuck with me photographically.  As did the frost to my eyelids as it was uncharacteristically brisk that weekend.  And that was just inside the arena.  The aptly named Ice Palace.  Were it not for the pitched heat of battle on the ice we probably wouldn't have made it out of there.  But I was inspired to return to shoot this passage underneath the stands.  Cold, hard concrete that was all about perspective and high dynamic range imaging.

As for the rest of the arena?  Best left unsaid.

Also of interest were these two stone towers.  Part of the town's overall "stoney" palette.  These were also shot in HDR to get as much detail and texture as possible.  There are still bits of skin on my camera and tripod from that one as it really was cold out that early evening.

Was an overall good weekend despite the travel and the temperatures.  Girls got bronze, and I got some interesting frames.  Along with some ideas for a future trip armed with some serious neutral density and time on my hands.

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