Monday, March 5, 2012

Rarified Air

I'm a travel snob.

I freely admit it.

Having achieved airline status now on my third (?) year I've come to very much enjoy the perks associated with priority boarding, lounge access, and the piece de resistance...

Executive Class upgrades.

All these things make the chore of travel less of a, well, chore.  And so I find myself this morning sitting in my comfy exec seat with not one.  Not two.  But three open seats along my row.  Strangely only half the executive cabin was occupied.  Presenting me with a photo opp that I've not had before...

This was in stark contrast to my Friday return from last week where Air Canada saw fit to change aircraft and plow us into an "economy only" air bus that had nothing for chow other than light snacks.  And no seat-back entertainment.


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