Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Riverbank

Took advantage of a free morning and beautiful weather yesterday to saunter over to ye 'ol riverbank near home.  The Red River is usually high and a mad rushing Torrent of Flood Terror this time of year.  Actually... no... wait...  It's usually still mostly frozen this time of year with ice jams of primary concern.

Enter Global Warming.

It's been 20'ish Celsius here on the prairies which for mid-March is insane.  Snow is pretty much all gone, and the waters are flowing freely.

And they're low.  Incredibly low.  Thankfully low given the burden flood fears this city has enjoyed over the years.  To wit this post from last year.

So with the well exposed riverbank there is ample textural detail to capture.  Wasn't "seeing" as much as I would like so frames are limited, although I ended up really liking the first of this series.  

Now let's see if this lasts and merges into another glorious summer.

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