Thursday, April 26, 2012

Industrial Strength

On the weekend I was inspired to shoot some long exposures destined for black and white.  Headed out to a nearby industrial field of gas tanks.  What I really want to do is get inside here as I have some specific ideas - will have to get in contact with them.  Unfortunately I was relegated to the outside so I made the most of it.

Also unfortunate was that I had a) too much light, and b) not enough wind.  My vision for these exposures was to have the heavy sweeping clouds moving through the frame.  Even stopped down to the max and with my trusty Lee Big Stopper shielding the light I was only able to get minute'ish exposures.  Not enough for those clouds to really move.

But they still looked fairly interesting, particularly when strong-armed with Silver Efex Pro 2 into high contrast black and white.  Ended up enjoying these quite a bit, even if they aren't what I imagined.

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