Thursday, April 12, 2012


I never experienced the chemical darkroom.  The hassles, the chemicals, the waiting, the trial and error.  None of it appeals to me.  I'm sure those who slaved under the red lights and noxious fumes have a unique appreciation for today's digital darkroom.  The ease of revisiting and playing around with previous work is unparalleled.  Something that was fairly "meh" first time around can find new life.

Such is the case with today's entry.  Experimenting with some different approaches to black and white conversions with Silver Efex Pro and for whatever reason thought back to this image taken early last year at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.  I had originally posted about the unique geometry of the building here, but was never that satisfied with the image.

Here's Round 2 - an absolutely different interpretation but I like it much more.  The tones and textures that I'm toying with these days have a lot more density.  Something worth printing.

Or perhaps it's just a case of the tail WAG'ing the dog.  See what I did there?

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