Friday, May 31, 2013

Costa Rica Travelog | Sand & Surf

Didn't take long to blow my plan for the daily CR travelog to close off the trip but, as expected, Life got in the way.

Our time in Costa Rica started, frankly, on an abysmal note.  Horrible travel and a 22 hour day before getting to our hotel in the dark.  Hit the sack with extreme prejudice as completely tired having only about 2 hours sleep the night prior thanks to a completely borked flight plan.

But waking up to see our proximity to the beach and shores of Playa Tamarindo served to wipe all that from our collective memories.  The beach was huge, deep and beautiful.  

It was surprising hard packed and smooth, so much so that it was apparently easy to navigate on a bike.  Was surprised to see this dude casually coasting along.  This one still makes me chuckle.

The nature of the sand and high tide created interesting patterns along the shore that always caught my eye...

And said patterns also created interesting lines and textured which become even more striking in black and white...

Incidentally that shot above is the first time I tried a vertical stacked panorama - multiple shots stitched together from top to bottom to form one large image.  The file is massive, about 40MP in size.  Billboard, anyone?

The beach was also punctuated by rocky outcroppings which we'll see more of later...

On our last morning before heading on to Destination #2 I grabbed this.  As soon as the soon peaks over the horizon you skin starts to melt off your face, Raiders of the Lost Ark style.  But also gives me the backlight I needed to cut the line of the shore.

That's it for now.  Hopefully I can get back to the daily regime to close the rest of this series off.

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