Monday, June 3, 2013

Costa Rica Travelog | These Guys Are a Howl

Costa Rica, albeit the tiny portion we saw, is teeming with life.  Here we see a dog wandering around.  There we have geckos and iguanas and these mini-anteater-looking-things called Coati and funky looking squirrels and crazed racoons and birds birds birds and crabs in our hotel room...

But one of the bigger attractions, apparently, is the Howler monkey.  So named because they make A Lot of Freaking Noise.  Like an old dog with emphysema.  And a bullhorn.  First morning we heard them baying ("Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is that?!!") and then throughout the rest of the trip.  Eerie as hell when you're walking out to the beach for an early morning shoot.

They dangled and jumped and played around in the trees blanketing our first hotel, attracting quite an audience...

And following our run through the zip line course I had a chance to head back up to the launch platform and watch them at eye level and much closer.  This fellow lounged around, casually looked my way, then stuck his tongue out.  Fired away on motor drive and pieced these from the burst into a triptych that makes a nice spread in our photo book.

We learned that these dudes have been known to hitch a ride on passers by through the zip course.  No such luck with our group.

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