Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Costa Rica Travelog | Trees a Crowd

Already showed some foliage - ziplined through it, shot monkeys in it.  A few more to close off the flora and fauna section of our trip.  Of course Costa Rica has trees, and lots of 'em.  Incredibly we there during a "drought" - with the rainy season approaching it will really green up.

So these aren't so much about green trees but rather interesting trees.  Not a nature guy, but these just looked cool.  Across from our hotel in Tamarindo was this road leading off towards work areas and a municipal park.  And overhanging said road was this great stand of trees creating a natural arch.

The mid-morning sun had long since ramped up the intensity and so dappled through and lit everything above.  Pretty damn cozy.

We were in the Guanacaste province during our trip.  And indigenous to this region is the Guanacaste tree.  Don't know which came first, but these trees spread out like a mushroom clowd.  I do have some photos of these trees full on (you can see how big they are in the shot from the bus looking down the river in this previous post).  Opted to silhouette it against the vibrant dusk sky.

Returning from a morning shoot along the beach at Playa Tamarindo I came across this grizzled old thing hanging over the sand.  Those aging details are what I wanted to show here hence the black and white treatment.  Likewise for the one following which was just off the beach in Playa Conchal.  Massive, gnarly texture.

Our final morning of the trip found me out early along Playa Conchal.  Monkeys were howling and sand mites were biting, but otherwise quiet.  Turned out to be an uneventful dawn but I did like the way this forked tree framed the land beyond.  It would be one of the last shots I would take before departing.

One set left to wrap up the series.  I look back at these fondly, thinking of the warmth that seems to be evading us here on the prairies as summer is yet to begin.

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