Monday, July 13, 2009

Buenos Dias!

With a friend in Spain and Dora the Explorer playing in the background this seemed like an appropriate title for this morning's blog entry. Up early again and hit the lake. Originally had a plan to shoot a pano but the clouds weren't very exciting so went to the pier to see what I could grab. Go figure: during the day clouds = bad; during sunrise and sunset clouds = good. Ended up coming back with more interesting shots than I expected upon review.

First up, a silhouetted tree framing the first kiss of dawn.

The sky had a real painterly feel this morning and this one turned out quite nice. Next I couldn't resist the urge to grab a couple of quick Clear Lake Rock Shots.

This next rock shot was frustrating for me - didn't have enough filter to hold back the sky while exposing the rocks so I ended up compositing two images together for the final result. I ended up liking it quite a bit and it's all because of that sky.

Having done that I searched the opposite shore and really liked the look of the clouds, how the edge of the tree line was being lit up by the rising sun, and the misty lake off in the distance. This could probably work as a moody black and white but for now I'm leaving it in color.

I noticed another framing opportunity, this focusing on the mist rising on the opposite shoreline.

And finally for something a little different a closeup of this old stump being lit by the morning sun.

I'll wait and see what the rest of the day will bring. Tonight might be my last sunset opportunity as lousy weather is forecasted starting tomorrow.

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