Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Making the Best of It

Another crappy weather day, but a wander around the park found a couple of interesting images for me to post. Starting with this refreshing shot...

Shopkeeper wasn't too thrilled with my camera antics in his store but was at least somewhat appeased when I showed him my picture wasn't of the price but rather the fruit. This is heavily cropped to isolate just the fruit, with the point of interest being that single lemon that has defected to the other side.

Next up some black and white conversions of details around another of the local shops.

Just emphasis on line and texture, really. With the carved-in graffiti on the stump adding a point of interest in the second picture.

Last up is a series of detail shots from a closed down gas station. The entire building is stark white and red and is very aged. You could spend hours taking pictures here. Texture and color up the whazoo.

With any luck the forecast is correct in that the clouds are supposed to lift tonight. Two sunrises and one sunset left for golden hour lightshows. How quickly time flies.

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