Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There are many photogs who do this sort of surreal milk thing exponentially better than this (case in point: Vancouver's David Burdeny, a master), but I wanted to give it a shot nevertheless. The idea is to capture these stark images with extreme neutral density filtration in order to drag the shutter to extreme durations. Result: water and clouds that take on a milky, surreal density contrasted with a stationary foreground rendered in sharp relief. Needed here was a darker sky, more wind and movement, and more filtration. The best I could muster was 5 stops and clamping down the aperture to f/22. Even then the longest I could get the shutter was 5 seconds at ISO 100. For this to really work you need to start measuring in minutes. A 10-stop B+W filter is on my wish list.

Here are my two attempts...

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