Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dusk to Dawn

Caught a couple last night off the pier, one of which I had scouted earlier in the week. Needed the setting sun to light up the 'S'...

Turned out OK but can use some TLC once I get back to my main computer. Quickly grabbed this one on the way back to the cabin.

Planned for another early morning as there was one picture I thought might be interesting. Hadn't seen the location early in the morning so wasn't sure how it would be lit. There's a better image in here somewhere, but I was getting barraged by mosquitos so couldn't take the time to find it.

There was some great clouds happening back towards the lake - I composed this before hopping in the van to head back to another vantage point.

The light was pretty happening over the lake and I thought this boat silhouetted against the lake would be nice.

Another silhouette, this an S-curve of the shoreline into the trees.

And finally a couple of bridge shots reflected against the water. I have a 3-stop ND filter in place to help slow down the shutter and smooth things out.

This last one is a panorama that can be blown up uber-big if required.

On another note, I stumbled across this guy's Flickr page. Makes me want to 1) cry, and 2) pack 'er in.

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